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Marina Villa Matope Cerámica

Hi, I'm Marina, the designer and creator mind behind Matope Cerámica. The possibility of putting my hands on the clay and making pottery has changed my life and for some years now, I have dedicated myself to it full time; I spend most of my time in my studio, Estudio Matope, in Mexico City, creating, teaching and hanging out with other clay lovers.

I consider clay as a medium of expression with infinite possibilities and as a way of finding oneself. My work seeks to rescue the value of handmade things and the importance of conscious consumption. I make jewelry pieces, working with hand building techniques  and homeware pieces using the pottery wheel as the main tool. I produce unique pieces or small series, paying special care and attention to details. I'm excited to create items that will be enjoyed and treasured by other people!


My pieces are available in different physical and online stores, here, in my online store and throughout the year in different craft markets.

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