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estudio matope

Welcome! This is my second home, where I create my pieces, teach and share with other ceramic creators. It is a lovely and peaceful space, ideal for creating and sharing among all, what we are learning and discovering.  Siena, my dog, also accompanies us every morning while she sunbathes!


I consider myself a very lucky person to be able to do what I love; It has meant a lot of work and effort and I can say it has not been easy, but arriving to work at the studio every morning fills me with satisfaction, creative emotion and desire to continue producing, sharing and growing.

at estudio matope I offer

Moldeando arcilla

Lessons and Counseling

I offer pottery lessons and process, materials and glazes personal counseling.


Clay and Glazes

I have a wide range

of cone 6 to cone 9

glazes and clay for sale.


Shared studio space

Join this lovely and bright 

space and come create

your ceramic work.

If you are interested in lessons, counseling, glazes, clay or coming to meet the studio, get in touch!

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